Dangers in Horsham street

I VISITED Horsham on the evening of June 8 to have dinner at one of the restaurants at the top of East Street.

The area looks as though it is a pedestrian precinct. If you are not aware of the restrictions at the top of the road (20mph / restrictions during the day), you would assume that it is a no-car zone area day and night.

During my meal I was quite shocked to see someone nearly get knocked over by a fast car – doing in excess of 30mph.

There was a group of girls leaving a restaurant opposite to where I was sitting.

One was walking out backwards taking a photo of her friends and she nearly got hit by a car.

A few minutes later an elderly man walking out from the same area was very surprised when he nearly got hit too.

Then I watched another car race through and another car follow. Plus a couple of cars park for an hour or so.

People genuinely seemed surprised at cars coming down the road and many of the people were taken by surprise as they were talking to friends and not really looking for vehicles.

With people ‘going outside’ now to have a cigarette - quite clearly not expecting traffic - this seems like an accident waiting to happen.


Grove Road, East Molesey, Surrey