Dangerous road

In response to your article (July 12) about the treacherous stretch of the A24 between Capel and Daux roundabout, this piece of road is an absolute joke for a main A road and the thought of putting in traffic calming measures for a main A road is almost as bad.

We all know what it needs and that is a new dual carriageway bypassing the existing road, it was only a short time ago that West Sussex County Council was talking about spending millions on making the A24 from Southwater to Washington roundabouts a race track with flyover etc. Fortunately this never happened.

What is far more urgent is to sort out this stretch and it can only be done by a new dual carriageway, whatever you do to this stretch you will never make it safe, someone will try and overtake or take a bend too wide, it’s another accident waiting to happen.It’s about time Sussex and Surrey put their heads together to sort this out.


Copsale, Horsham