Crossings with no legal status

I read with some interest the letter published on January 31 from Mrs W. Worsfold of Warnham.

Speed calming ramps in Horsham’s Carfax are not recognised as Pedestrian Crossings in accordance with the Road Traffic Acts, and I suspect the representative of West Sussex County Council was endeavouring to absolve his employer of responsibility in the event that Mrs Worsfold was in the process of making a claim for compensation. Legally recognised crossings have ‘No Parking’ ‘Z’ lines on both approach carriageways together with flashing beacons.

I don’t think that the usually accepted Pedestrian Crossing in Blackhorse Way is legal in accordance with the Road Traffic Act either. A mute fact in the event of an accident and subsequent claim for compensation.

David Moore, Political View, also referred to ‘traffic humps’ – not crossings.


Worthing Road, Southwater