Crash waste

MANY people were probably upset to see the lead article in the County Times Horsham edition of September 8, relating to a car accident and injury of the driver, and we all of course wish the lady a speedy and full recovery.

However I write relating to what to me seems to be a massive over-reaction in terms of ‘emergency turnout’.

The pictures with your article displayed no less than 17 rescue and emergency personnel of one form or another, a helicopter, three fire engines, two ambulances, and there were probably more?

This was for a one vehicle accident, not a major emergency, or motorway pile-up.

The public all want highly trained expert professionalism in these circumstances but this over-reaction was demonstrably a great excess of machine, manpower and expertise.

Over-reaction, or maybe lack of co-ordination between the emergency services, benefits no-one. It simply wastes money which could be better used elsewhere. I think we’re all aware and grateful to these people for the great work they do already.


Birch Drive, Billingshurst