Countryside is concreted over

I can offer David Clifford (letters August 30) some sympathy but no comfort. Thirty-one years ago I moved to Southwater from Milton Keynes.

Delighted with its rural setting I was horrified when shortly after I read in the County Times of a developer’s plan for 4,100 houses on the west side of Southwater.

Since then Horsham District Council has colluded with wave after wave of developers to produce plans to despoil Southwater for the profit of builders and landowners.

Every time the residents of Southwater are to be bought off with some wonderful, but very cheap, social benefit.

But in that area Berkeley Homes has reached a level of breathtaking opportunism previously unsurpassed.

The electors of Horsham and district rightly complain of the selling off of a public asset in the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and surprise, amongst the glittering prizes available for the benighted residents of Southwater for accepting 2,750 houses, is an athletics centre with running track; amazing!

But why should we be surprised? We live in an elected dictatorship. The Tory councillors never need fear that they will be kicked out at district election time, so why should they pay little more than passing interest to the views of their electorate, far better to spend their time currying favour with the host of developers, who batten on Southwater, Broadbridge Heath or any where else where there’s a landowner or two anxious for profit.

Oh other than Dial Post of course, where for some magic reason no developer has ever set foot, well at least until our MP moves out.

Unless there is an Arab Spring in Horsham district and the Mubaraks in the council chamber are thrown out on their ears by the electorate we will forever be beset with more and more of our countryside being concreted over.

Waiting for pigs to fly...


Wealdon Close, Southwater