Council priorities

I READ that Horsham District Council is in favour of spending up to £6m on providing a new leisure centre for people living in the north of its area.

Equally, I see letters and reports of protests in your newspaper where people think that they have a right to demand that even more money be spent so that their personal needs can be catered for without them travelling far or having to consider going elsewhere to play sport or even, according to Sheila White, who seems to get her letters published every week, apparently rehearse for an amateur opera group!

I believe that I have seen that the number of regular users of the centre is 3,000. Thus the council is considering spending an amount of £2,000 per head on each user!

I understand that there are about 130,000 people living and paying council tax in the Horsham district who do not want the amount they pay in tax increased and yet want the same council services that are being provided.

Meanwhile, those who are about to be the recipients of this £2,000 per head think that they alone should be able to have exactly what they want regardless of other council priorities.

I also read in your paper (May 3) that a previous senior manager at the district council appears to think that it should be spending even more money! One can only be grateful that he is no longer in a position where he has any influence over council finances.

I assume that as an ex-council employee he is enjoying a guaranteed pension that we all contribute to - hopefully he didn’t get one of those big council pay-offs, one reads about, when he left it!

I am all for good provision of leisure services but it really is time the users of Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre accepted that the council, after what appears to have been a bad start last year, appears to be making a determined effort to both help them while also considering the huge numbers of their taxpayers who don’t have the luxury of such facilities on their doorstep.


London Road, Ashington