Council initiative is detrimental

I refer to the West Sussex County Council announcement at

No doubt this initiative is bringing in much needed revenue however, given the reports that Amazon pays little or no corporation tax in the UK, the initiative is ultimately detrimental for both the local and national economies.

Amazon’s tax avoidance materially inhibits the development of local and UK-wide businesses which would otherwise pay their fair share of taxes and, as we have seen repeatedly (eg, in Horsham three CD/DVD retailers have become bankrupt in recent times) it unfairly renders existing full-tax-paying businesses uncompetitive - and they close down, putting their employees out of work.

To add salt into the wound, Amazon exports its profits out of the UK.

Win-win for it. Lose-lose for us.

Why is West Sussex County Council supporting a business (Amazon) which is detrimental to all residents and full-tax-paying businesses in West Sussex?


Tennyson Close, Horsham