Council ‘at war with its people’

COUNCILLOR Robert Nye has been given a great responsibility to represent the people of this town and district fairly and it does not serve him or Horsham well to indulge in Orwellian double-speak by saying in this newspaper that ‘We are not cutting leisure provision – we are trying to take the golden opportunity to provide leisure facilities for everybody that are as good as they can be’.

This is obviously a purely financial decision and one that disregards the true interests of the citizens of this town.

And why has the council not insisted that Tesco, a hugely profitable company, meet or substantially contribute to the repair costs to the centre?

Instead it seems the council is in commercially sensitive negotiations as to how it will carve up this public asset.

To demolish and realise the assets of the Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre without any consultation with the large number of people who currently use the facility is clearly cutting an important leisure provision in a short sighted, unintelligent and mercenary fashion.

The Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is a huge asset that needs care and investment rather than destruction and exploitation because the wellbeing and health of the local community is a vital asset that needs protecting, especially in these straitened times.

It’s as if the council is at war with the people it purports to represent.


Guildford Road, Horsham