Contrast will be magnified

So, the new Waitrose store in Storrington will revitalise the whole Old Mill Square area, according to several recent correspondents, and the parish and district councils.

Yes, this area is a 1960s development which now looks tired and dated, but the vastly extended Waitrose will only affect one side of Old Mill Square.

I have a strong feeling that many Storrington residents do not realise this, and see this development as being the solution to this rather run-down area of the village. In fact, the contrast between old and new will surely only be magnified .

Such residents should really take a closer look at the plans and photo-montages which have been produced by Waitrose’s developers.

They may well come to the conclusion, as have many others, that the completed store will NOT enhance the area around Old Mill Square.


Timberlands, Storrington

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