Conservatives in state of turmoil

A sure sign the Conservatives, both nationally and locally, are in turmoil and disarray and heading for a hammering at the polls is their public infighting and rivalry.

Nationally, Teresa May is making statements to demonstrate her leadership credentials knowing that people no longer like or trust Cameron and don’t know what he stands for any more.

He has lost control of his party and continues to keep making embarrassing U-turns – now on the minimum price of alcohol and the Leverson report.

Many Conservatives, paid-up members, activists and voters, have deserted the party to join UKIP, unhappy at the party’s stance on gay marriage and the Government’s inability to stop the mass immigration into our country from Romania and Bulgaria at the end of this year.

Locally two district councillors have resigned their seats and three others are embroiled in a public disunity and infighting. The Tories should know that their antics are playing right into the hands of their political opponents and that it is unwise to ‘air your dirty laundry in public’.

The situation is made worse because Messrs Circus, Burgess and Rae seem to like to be in the headlines all the time as publicity-seekers.

Constantly being in to the paper turns people off them – this happened about ten years ago when a certain Lib Dem councillor from Southwater was always writing letters or being quoted in the paper.


Parsonage Road, Henfield