Congestion around store

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Allowing a Tesco fuel station/ convenience store to be built adjacent to the very busy Rusper Road / Crawley Road junction in Horsham was pretty daft.

Now, as the Tesco store has increased its offerings, traffic has increased.

The problems? Too few staff on the tills; customers waiting on Redkiln Way trying to get into the site; or dithering at the entrance waiting for a pump to vacate.

The result: a rapid build up of traffic often static stretching from the garage entrance, back across the roundabout and frequently static back up to the Littlehaven crossing.

Tesco should be a better neighbour and recognise that its presence is causing huge inconvenience to those who simply wish to drive past their site.

Tesco should ensure there are enough tills running to keep the site running, have a marshal on the forecourt to keep the site working and to wave off any cars trying to enter the site when it is congested.

M. Pelss

New Moorhead Drive, Horsham