Concerns over Horsham plan

HAVING read your article regarding the new development proposed to take the place at Linden House in Horsham, I am wondering where you got your statistics from for the number of objectors.

Letters of objection had to be submitted by October 20 and I think if the council had been asked, you would have found that there are many other objectors to this ill-thought out proposal.

The way it has been reported makes it sound like a good proposition: what you have failed to mention is the fact that Madeira Avenue will be the only access for vehicles, with a gateway next to the end house being the entrance and exit for the new building.

With 79 flats and five retail and commercial outlets (not two as you report) plus all the traffic generated by County Hall North, plus residents cars parked on both sides of Madeira Avenue, the traffic problems would be truly horrendous, and would have a knock-on effect involving Park Surgery, the park entrance and the whole of Albion Way – maybe even further. It would also cause problems for tradesmen, workmen and emergency services.

I could go on about dirt, noise, smells, loss of privacy, frustration etc, but will leave it there for now!


Madeira Avenue, Horsham