Concern at Storrington store plans

ALTHOUGH you have published articles and letters relating to the proposed Waitrose development at Storrington I am rather surprised there have not been more comments either for or against the idea.

From our personal viewpoints my wife and I are against the plans with our main objection being that we consider that the size of the new store would be very much larger than necessary or appropriate and we really doubt that the 73 per cent of people who reportedly shop for groceries outside the village do so because the current Waitrose is not large enough to carry the same level of products as Worthing.

Surely a significant number of the decisions to shop elsewhere are based on the overall cost of the shopping.

While we consider Waitrose to provide a good shopping environment and good quality products we only ever use it as a convenience store for picking up a few items when we run short, items on a particularly special offer or recipe cards.

If we wish to do a main shop we will usually go to Tesco or Sainsbury’s at Pulborough which although smaller than the proposed Waitrose we find more than adequate for a full shop, and, indeed we much prefer their size to those of the bigger supermarkets.

Should we have the urge to buy bicycles, electrical goods, clothes or need petrol we have the bigger Tesco’s at West Durrington and Shoreham or Sainsbury’s West Hove at our disposal which provide the larger ranges of products.

Are the residents of Storrington really crying out for a wider range of products to be made available or would they continue to shop at stores which they consider suit their budget?

We doubt we are alone in the village in basing our decision on our supermarkets of choice on price and it concerns me that if Waitrose does get permission to build such an enormous store it will dominate the village without providing much, if any, additional benefit to the residents.

While it would be ridiculous to believe that Waitrose would consider building such a large store if it had any doubts that it would bring in sufficient additional shoppers we have doubts that there would be enough extra numbers from Storrington alone making it necessary for Waitrose to attract a significant number of additional shoppers from outlying areas with all that would entail.

These comments only touch upon some of the issues and others to consider include the suggestion of turning existing roadways into pedestrianised areas, the seemingly unattractive design of the building which appears to have the looks of a 1960s shopping precinct, and the development of a multi-storey car park.

From experiences with the car parks at Horsham Waitrose and the original Waitrose at Horley, they must be responsible for some of the worst car parks ever designed.


Sandgate Lane, Storrington