Comments are ‘uncalled for’

BEING a campaign group, we are quite used to hearing these insults from developers calling us NIMBYS, but the latest comments from one of our own MPs – Francis Maude – in Sunday’s The Independent is uncalled for.

The real NIMBYS are people like the developers themselves, who often live in nice rural locations surrounded by open fields and scenic views, yet we don’t ever seem to see any planning applications for new developments around their own houses.

I’m sure Mr Maude would have quite different opinions if it was Labour who suggested the amendments to the planning system or if it were the fields around his own country house that were being threatened by a large sprawling estate. Do Mr Cameron and Mr Maude not realise that many Conservative voters reside in rural locations?

Or perhaps do they think that the electorate will not remember this issue in four years’ time? I suspect the daily reminder of bricks and concrete at the bottom of people’s gardens will ensure that we do not forget which party was in Government at the time. The 2015 general election cannot come soon enough.

I must point out that The Campaign to Protect Rural Pulborough Village is not anti-development, we understand that there is a need for more ‘affordable’ housing in the district, but we are very much opposed to this large scale overdevelopment of our rural towns and villages and our greenfield land.

However, the draft NPPF fails to make any statement with regards to building more of these alleged ‘affordable’ homes, it fails to qualify the word ‘sustainable’ and it removes the requirement for developers to contribute towards Section 106 funding which at present goes some way to improving the problems with services and infrastructure in the community that these developments invariably impose upon our villages and towns.

For these reasons and the fact that the NPPF will provide a presumption in favour of development, The Campaign to Protect Rural Pulborough Village is wholeheartedly in opposition to the NPPF and the planning system reforms being proposed.

We are proud supporters of the National Trust’s Planning For People Campaign and their petition. CPRPV urges everyone to log onto the National Trust website and sign the petition.


Secretary, The Campaign to Protect Rural Pulborough Village

Stane Street Close, Pulborough