Colony built in our Horsham district countryside

MR JOHN Steele of the Horsham Society stated in your newspaper (WSCT May 26, 2011) that he was anxious to see the idea of a new market town pushed ahead and implied that the tactic would serve to avoid overloading our towns and villages with new housing.

This ploy is both naïve and misconceived because experience warns us that Horsham District Council will not only encourage the building of this new market town in the Hickstead area, but will also connive at the unduly excessive expansion of our villages, including Billingshurst, Southwater and Pulborough.

The view also ignores the determination of the flock of developers that preys upon our local environment and who tend to seize on the least opportunity to place one brick upon another, whatever the opinions of local residents.

Of course, they must do this to survive economically, but they are hardly likely to be motivated by philanthropic concerns.

It is instructive to read the item from the document entitled ‘New Market Town Study, August 2010’ by G L Hearn on page 60 at 6.32.

It states “in planning for a settlement of 10,000 homes, it is naïve to think it will be self-sufficient, able to provide services and employment for its own residents. Other towns of a similar size in the area do not achieve this and it will not have sufficient critical mass itself to do so.”

Thus we have to contemplate the loss of 1,100 acres of our countryside to make way for a dormitory that will be essentially a colony for people from other parts of the country, many of whom will have to travel elsewhere for employment and much of their goods and services.

This concept of a new market town in our Sussex countryside is both destructive and futile and the sooner it is consigned to the scrapheap the better.


The Coopers, Itchingfield, Horsham