Coach fare subsidies - needs to be considered

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THE INTENTION to abolish the National Express coach fare subsidies needs to be more fully considered by Government as it affects the support given to older and disabled people.

If the policy is allowed to come into force in two months, then does this mean that the local free bus service concession will be the next item to be threatened? Access to bus services is a basic essential for many of our members and friends at Age UK Horsham District.

It is so dispiriting to constantly hear about incidences where these individuals are being affected adversely by constant price rises, erosion of subsidies and cutbacks in vital services. It might serve us well to remember the debt we owe to older people in this country.

They worked long and hard throughout their lives, paid into the system, saved and avoided being profligate, yet now they seem to be getting disproportionately punished and made to bear the brunt through no fault of their making.

There needs to be a moratorium on further cuts affecting older people. Other countries cherish their elderly; why cannot we do likewise?


Chief executive officer, Age UK Horsham District

Denne Road, Horsham