Clanger dropping

OH DEAR, Mr Maude has done it again! Is that another clanger I hear dropping? After staying out of the debate on Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre for so long he finally decided to make a comment in his County Times column (Francis Footnote, Horsham edition) last week and got a fundamental fact completely wrong!

He stated that Horsham District Council was ‘dealing with an outdated and costly leisure centre that’s draining taxpayers’ money today’.

WRONG – BBHLC today is not draining money, in fact it has over the last few years cost remarkably little to run, as was eventually disclosed by HDC after many Freedom of Information requests. Of course it might have done in the future if HDC had ever tackled the maintenance backlog it allowed to build up.

By the way I won’t mention the Pavilions which does continue to drain money (£600,000 in this year’s budget for original defects) presumably arising from HDC’s poor management of the original building works.

A word of advice for Mr Maude – if he is endeavouring to portray the perception that he is in tune with the local electorate and their concerns it might be better to do more research first, before commenting.

Otherwise his efforts appear as merely a worthless PR exercise without substance. Either that or perhaps his brain has become a little addled after decanting petrol into jerry cans in his garage during the recent fuel crisis.


Cox Green, Rudgwick