Children’s safety must be priority

I have written the following letter to Brad Watson, county councillor, Duncan England, Horsham district councillor, and Sarah Hall, clerk, Nuthurst Parish Council.

I’m hoping you can help us to change the minds of the commitee which has decided to change our school bus route without much thought for anything but its pocket.

I can understand that the council needs to cut costs at this time but surely the safety of our children should come first.

The powers that be have decided that the Copsale bus which goes to St Andrew’s School is going to change route to go down Broadwater Lane (where there are no children to drop or pick up) rather than Sedgwick Lane where there are three families that currently use the bus with three more families joining the school within the next two years.

I haven’t looked into the mileage difference but I’m certain that the saving is minimal and detrimental to the environment as in the winter we will have to all get in our cars to go and pick up from the bus as it will be dark at 4pm.

Surely if it is a matter of cost we could come to an arrangement where the parents pay whatever the extra cost incurred to go down Sedgwick Lane is, rather than just cutting the service completely. I currently pay for Rosie to go on the bus and will be paying for Billy next September.

The proposed drop-off is dangerous and narrow and there is no safe way for mothers to walk their children home during the summer months let alone when it is dark in the winter, or to park while waiting, or turn around in the narrow lane.

The people who come up with these ideas really need to use their brains as they clearly haven’t actually driven the route let alone attempted a risk assessment!

Perhaps they could look at cutting costs by giving the drivers a copy of the inset days so they don’t turn up wasting diesel when the school is closed or maybe they could look at not cutting the verges when it’s completely unnecessary. I’m sure between the parents we could find a few more relevant things they could cut!


(Mother of Rosie, Billy and Kate, who all catch the bus), Sedgwick Lane, Horsham