Chief’s pay-off

I AM WRITING in response to the article in the County Times about the £400,000 pay-off the former boss of West Sussex council has received.

I wish a lot of your readers could receive a package like that - it would be like winning money on the lottery, especially when you are said to have been sacked!

Most of us who work for the private sector will only receive the bare government approved minimum that works out at one week’s salary for each year you have worked.

Why did this chief executive receive any money at all if he was sacked? It’s no wonder this council is crying poverty and wants to make large ranging cuts in services when it cannot be trusted with our money as taxpayers.

I think councils in general are looking in the wrong areas to make cuts and want to look more closely at overpaid salaries, before they even think about closing libraries and other services, especially for the needy in their area.

Force them to reapply for their jobs and take a pay cut, which what I’ve just had to put up with and I’m sure I speak for a lot of people working in private sector firms.

Why are public sector employees any different? I don’t think the effects of the economic recession have reached them yet.


Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath