Charity bags keep piling up

Given historical comments in your columns about the frequency with which charity bags come through our letter boxes, last January I resolved (yes I know I should get out more) to keep a tally.

From this I can tell you (and readers with a low threshold of boredom really ought to move on at this point) that during 2012 we received 36 bags from 11 different charities: NSPCC (10 bags); AgeUK (5 bags); four charities (3 bags each); four charities (2 bags each); one charity (1 bag).

I recognise that donations are an important source of income, but a bag on the mat on average every ten days (and often two in rapid succession which means one charity loses out) must be counterproductive, especially as there are so many charity shops in town which people pass routinely. And why don’t charities collect the bags that are left out unopened? Surely that must mean extra production costs, although household use can often be made of them if they don’t pile up too frequently.

Cannot deliveries be spaced more evenly and there be co-operation so that one charity’s collection doesn’t prejudice another?

Now, what new project can I take up for 2013? I have some ideas but printable suggestions always welcome.


Beaver Close, Horsham