Charged for wheelie bins

I HAVE just moved into a new build property in Horsham, shared ownership, to find that wheelie bins are not supplied by the local authority without extra payment!

On enquiring to Horsham District Council (HDC), I find that I have to pay a total of £62.10 for two bins (waste and recycling) with the optional extra of buying a brown lid bin, making a grand total of £85.40! HDC has advised me that it will not collect bin bags and I must have a wheelie bin for the service to be carried out.

I find it appalling that I pay my council tax which covers having my rubbish removed, however, HDC will not collect your rubbish unless you stump up an extra charge to have the receptacle for them to remove it! You have no option but to buy bins or go without collection.

Would I be entitled to a council tax reduction if I chose not to buy bins and forego the waste collection? Why am I penalised for not having a property when wheelie bins were introduced and supplied free of charge to all householders?

I would have thought that such a basic requirement would be compulsory for the council to supply in order to carry out a service that they supply at my cost. I can quite understand the charge if I was requesting extra bins but I am not.

Beware if you are thinking of becoming a Horsham resident.


Pines Ridge, Horsham