Charge is a blow for pensioners

Like many senior citizens, I reduced my reading of national and local newspapers to almost nothing, in an effort to control every increasing costs.

It was with amazement that, having picked up your newspaper in Pulborough Village Hall, I read the article headed ‘Petition against green waste collection charge’.

It was with greater amazement that I read the HDC was considering charging a fee for collecting green waste, naye, had in fact passed a resolution that this was to take place with effect from June 2013.

I wonder when the council was going to inform the residents of the district of this outrageous charge (especially as we are to being encouraged to go green)?

And I wonder has the council even thought of the pensioners in the district? Is this a yearly charge? Do we get a reduction in our rates? I assume the Fat Cats on the council don’t have to live on the state pension, or have low paid jobs, where even the cost of a newspaper has to be considered.

I now await with interest, to see when the council in its infinite wisdom, will have the courage to inform the rate payers of the district, officially, when this charge is to take place.


Glebelands, Pulborough