Carfax scarred

I HAVE become increasingly more amazed and disappointed to see paving stones dug up to access underground services and these paving stones replaced by tarmacadam in increasingly more positions around Horsham.

The last straw has now come, seeing that a contractor working on underground services for the new Fat Face store, at the Carfax entrance to Swan Walk, has done the same.

The big issue in this instance for me is that this has left an ugly scar on our town’s centrepiece, the Carfax.

We are all proud of our town; the council promotes Horsham as a ‘Historic Market Town’ with a centrepiece, a paved pedestrian area called the Carfax.

This once lovely paved area called the Carfax is now desecrated and becoming increasingly more degraded and destroyed by the council allowing contractors to dig up perfectly good paving stones and not replacing them like for like in keeping with the area.

Please answer me the question ‘Why does the council allow contractors to get away with such outrageous mockery on our town, why does the council not insist that a contractor returns the area of work back to the standard when the work was started and enforce the rule?’ Is it laziness or is there some financial incentive involved?

The council, in my opinion, does a fine job on the whole but lets itself and the citizens of Horsham down with respect to these poor quality remedial works.

I look forward to the council’s explanation, or better still, I look forward to it taking action to remedy this creeping blight.


Rushams Road, Horsham