Candidate with own priorities

Regarding the elections for Police Commissioners, and your article describing the canddidates having no ‘X’ factor, it was a relief to read we have one candidate for Police Commissioner who has his own ideas and priorites.

One despairs at the old party nominees who can only reiterate that which has already been said.

As a professional economist I have done work for the ‘Met’ and numerous studies for the Social Services looking at the ‘return on investment’. What is the measurable benefit / outcome of an investment in one policy area as compared to another?

The lessons every time were the same: ‘Prevention is better that cure’. Funds devoted to minimising the origins or causes of problems (both crime and social) produce by far the biggest pay back.

Long live the Independant candidate Ian Chisnall who has his own priorities and does not just follow the party line.


Hurston Lane, Storrington