By George it’s going to be a busy weekend

The CLA in Sussex is reminding people not to forget that April 23 – Easter Saturday - is also St George’s Day, and to include England’s National day in their celebrations.

With the current good weather, many events happening over the Easter break, and the countdown to the Royal wedding well underway, England’s St George is in danger of being overlooked. I am usually surprised that St George’s Day slips by relatively unnoticed, but this year there is an even greater risk of this happening.

As well as being England’s patron saint, St George is held in many countries throughout the world as the patron saint of agriculture and farm workers, so why not celebrate the occasion with local food, particularly over Easter, when there will be many gatherings of families, friends and neighbours?

So while you are enjoying the Easter Break, remember St George and our food producers. Even making just one meal the focus – breakfasts are always popular – will make a difference, and will make another occasion if you have people staying with you. Sourcing local food from local shops can be far more enjoyable than a “big shop”, and helps the local economy.

Fly the flag, theme the meal, and don’t forget that 23 April is also Shakespeare’s birthday – even more reason to celebrate the good things that England’s countryside provides.

Jonathan Lucas

Sussex Chairman

Country Land & Business Association (CLA)