Bus cuts end our theatre treats

For several years a group of Horsham friends and I, since qualifying for bus passes and concessionary theatre tickets, have much appreciated catching a bus to Guildford for the day.

We would have a walk round town or along the river, have some lunch and then enjoy the highlight of the day – a matinee performance at the Yvonne Arnaud Theatre, before getting the last bus home at 5.30pm.

Alas, this treat is now denied us since the recent No 63 bus cuts. The last bus leaving Guildford for Horsham is now 3.30pm on weekdays and 4.30pm on Saturdays.

Having worked hard throughout our lives we are all very upset and disappointed at being deprived of these wonderful days out (as will, I’m sure, many others).

The Yvonne Arnaud Theatre will also be adversely affected, but sadly there will be no more exciting trips on the bus to the theatre for us.


Cootes Avenue, Horsham