Brown bins have stopped fly-tipping

Some years ago, before we had brown-top garden waste bins, my late wife and I had stopped in Grouse Road to look at the beautiful countryside when a white van pulled up about a hundred yards in front.

The driver sat there without getting out and we could see a piece of green foliage protruding from the rear doors.We realised that he was waiting for us to go so that he could dump his hedge trimmings.

We moved a little nearer and stopped again and he decided to go. We drove on behind him and he was forced to drive into Horsham and find somewhere else to leave his rubbish.

The brown-top bins are a great system to relieve us of our garden waste. We are very lucky to have them in Horsham and I would not object to having to pay more to keep this great service.

However, I do think that this should be added to council tax as an additional optional charge will not be accepted by many who will revert to fly-tipping.

Is the council prepared for the expense of clearing dumped rubbish from our surrounding country or will it be left to rot and look unsightly?


Highlands Avenue, Horsham