Broadbridge Heath leisure centre - ‘shortsighted plan’

THE PROPOSAL to demolish Broadridge Heath Leisure Centre is shameful and completely shortsighted. It is an absurd decision when you consider the range of excellent facilities there and the need for such a centre at the present time.

There are towns all over Britain that would love to have an eight-lane all-weather athletics track plus an indoor athletics facility - but what does Horsham want to do with theirs? Demolish it! It’s unbelievable.

This centre is just what is needed at a time of rising youth unemployment and with many mums with young families needing leisure facilities.

It is a totally crazy thing to do, and I urge Horsham District Council’s cabinet and the full council to think long and hard about what they are proposing. The study commissioned by the council says that the centre ‘is surplus to requirements’. If this wasn’t so serious, I’d say this was a joke.

Ask the people who regularly use the centre whether they think it is surplus to requirements. Ask the clubs representing football, athletics, hockey, badminton, bowls, American football, and those who trampoline and use the gym, not to mention the new sensory room recently opened.

In years to come, when people say, ‘What did Horsham do to celebrate the Olympics coming to London in 2012?’ they can be told, ‘Oh we demolished our track and leisure centre’.

Please, think again.


(former athletics coach)

Deer Way, Horsham