Broadband responses

BILL Lewis of Kijoma Broadband complains (County Times April 5) that ‘West Sussex County Council [is] steamrolling ahead with funding improvements to provide a service that he already offers’.

He claims that his company ‘could offer much of Horsham district super-fast wireless broadband on a non-fixed line [but that] West Sussex County Council has failed to properly engage with him’.

Now he knows how some of his prospective customers feel! The only way of contacting the firm seems to be through a web form on their website.

Apparently, if you’re lucky, you may eventually get a response. I haven’t! I first enquired of them about two years ago (when it was not clear whether Slinfold was within their coverage area), and again about one year ago when their map clearly shows Slinfold as well within their coverage area.

Now their website does state that ‘New enquiries for broadband service are currently delayed due to very high demand, we will contact you as soon as we can’, and elsewhere that ‘Response to enquiries may take days or weeks and some may not get a response for months as a result. We can only apologise for this’.

I suppose that ‘may not get a response for months’ is open-ended and could include ‘may not get a response for years’.

Their website does also state ‘We receive a lot of enquiries... every day, [and] do have to sort them into a priority list. Existing coverage area enquiries come first etc...’

From the absence of any response to my enquiries I can only conclude that they have at least a 12 to 18 month backlog on enquiries from ‘Existing coverage areas’.

If the company cannot cope with their current workload, then perhaps WSCC is right not to ‘engage with them’; and the boast of offering ‘much of Horsham district super-fast wireless broadband’ would seem somewhat hollow.

Yet, at the same time as apparently being unable to satisfy existing demand, they boast (on their website and in forums) of continuing upgrades and coverage extensions.

I would advise anyone considering Kijoma’s services to search for and review online comments about their services, which - to be fair - do include some compliments as well as criticisms.


The Street, Slinfold