Billingshurst ‘under threat’

YET AGAIN, our countryside is under threat of yet more extreme development.

This time an application for 550 dwellings for land east of Billingshurst to north and south of A272 East Street, Billingshurst.

For a start, the infrastructure cannot accomodate such expansion, 550 more houses let alone two other developments currently up and running within the village.

A letter highlighting the proposal dated August 18, 2011, which incidentally was only received by post on August 24, seems somewhat unfair, for it states a 21 day period to submit in writing or via email, views against or for the proposal, and at the height of the holiday season too!

I hope many villagers, members, residents, and friends of the community join forces and fight the greedy industrialised claws that will stop at nothing in the pursuit of big, fat greedy bank accounts.


Roman Way, Billingshurst