Bigger charges forced on parishes

In District News on February 7, 2013 Horsham District Council is reported as saying it will help low income families by maintaining council tax benefit when the Government withdraws some of its funding.

What is not mentioned is that part of the cost of this shortfall was passed on to parish councils so those parishes which have the highest number of recipients of the benefit will pay the greatest amount.

This will result in parish councils having to increase the parish element of council tax by up

to 1.5 per cent.

The council assumes that the unparished areas will also have an increased charge.

Parishes were given no choice on this matter nor were they consulted.

It is true that HDC could have retained all the government grant and so resulted in a maximum increase of 15 per cent.

HDC has not confirmed that it will not do this next year, so parishes could have an even bigger charge forced on them and their electors.

Perhaps HDC could come clean on this now?


PILCM, parish clerk, on behalf of Billingshurst Parish Council