Big impact of many roadworks in Horsham

Which joker within West Sussex County Council’s highways department decided to grant permission for so many roadworks around Horsham at the same time?

Crawley Road, Roffey - major gas works with four way lights; Brighton Road/Sun Alliance underpass - ditto.

A24 Broadbridge Heath roundabout - reduced to single lane for slip road works. Littlehaven level crossing - closed for a month to replace gates!

Do I need to go on? Why not dig up North Parade and Worthing Road so that we are completely cut off to traffic? And why start all this when the kids go back to school and traffic is at its maximum?

And why are our local councillors not fending off these works on our behalf?

Get a grip WSCC - you may be sat in your ivory tower in Chichester but decisions you make affect us residents of Horsham in a big way.


Oaks Close, Horsham