Be careful out there please

I do not want to hurt you. However, cyclists, in the dark mornings, if I cannot see you, even though I have A 1 eyesight, I may accidentally hit you.

So, please make yourselves visible. Wear reflective clothing on your helmet, body and legs and do not obscure it with bags etc.

Make sure you have efficient lights on the offside of your bike, both at the front and especially on the back.

So, the paper boy who cut across me from pavement to pavement with no lights at 0600, the man on the roundabout at 0500 with no lights and black clothes and the lady on Pondtail Road, with no lights on her rear and a rucksack obscuring the reflective jacket, you were lucky.

To the man on the A 281, whose lights can be seen from outer space, and who I have to pass wearing sunglasses, thanks.

Be careful out there please.


Haybarn Drive, Horsham