BB Heath - ‘worst case scenario?’

I AM SURE that along with other members of the public I was disappointed to read that Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre is to close.

Being cynical I wonder if we are being given a worst case scenario so that Horsham District Council can come up with the ‘idea’ of enlarging The Pavilions and taking away more of Horsham Park. Heaven forbid this is part of the plan.

Classes are already booked up at The Pavilions and I doubt very much there is any slack in the system to accommodate classes transferring from Broadbridge Heath. Will present members have their membership fees cut as there will no longer be a facility at Broadbridge Heath? I somehow doubt it!

There are so many users of the varied facilities at Broadbridge Heath I fail to see where they can be accommodated.

As your editorial asked last week ‘What next for the axe?’ - I dread to think! I am so pleased that councillor Chowen, who lives in Partridge Green, is ‘comfortable’ with the decision!

R.M. BAKER (Mrs)

Blunts Way, Horsham