BB Heath - a way of life

SINCE joining BBH 50-plus Club, for us and for many, many others, Thursday has become our special day. No other appointments are made for that day – it has, for hundreds of us, become part of our way of life for the last 17 years.

We still have many original members, now in their 70s and 80s and still playing table tennis, badminton, various exercise classes and tennis, keeping fit and playing to a standard which would surprise many younger people.

Many members come from as far as Cranleigh, Ockley, Walliswood, Storrington, Pulborough, Partridge Green, Henfield, etc and we have all formed firm friendships outside the club and this includes some recently bereaved and lonely, as well as many newcomers to this area.

We have set up groups to support the Capitol Theatre and various other local events because our Thursday club keeps us in constant touch.

It is of course not just the sporting types who need the club facilities, some go for craft classes, dancing lessons and especially the gym for health reasons as do many other users on other days – toddlers with their mothers – children after school and during summer holidays, half terms etc and especially the disabled, some of whom we know have been employed there.

The superb sporting centre will also be badly missed for training by the budding athletic champions as well as the small businesses operating at the centre such as the beauty parlour, physio, catering department and all its staff.

The whole centre, which is a vital focal point for the Horsham and Broadbridge Heath areas and many miles beyond, will come to a complete halt.

Unless of course HDC proposes to provide an equivalent centre catering for so many people of differing ages, needs and abilities under one roof providing so much for so many, BEFORE bulldozing the present one.

We understand that Horsham was recently voted one of the best areas to live in this country and that the elderly should keep fit and healthy. WHERE?


Robinswood Court, Horsham