Battle over and time to move on

How sad that the Blue Flash Music Trust and its associates should find it so hard to accept that their battle over Horsham’s Old Town Hall was lost, and that the final outcome in the shape of the new Bill’s restaurant is now (despite their obstructionism) an impressive addition to Horsham’s growing restaurant quarter.

Regrettably their sniping continues, the latest outpouring of sour grapes being Martin Jeremiah’s letter (‘No evidence of special vitality’, December 27), which he begins by attacking a recent WSCT Editorial on the subject. He accepts that the purpose of an Editorial is to provide ‘comment on topical issues from the newspaper’s perspective’, but then proceeds to accuse the WSCT of rewriting history simply because its interpretation of events differs from his own. The ‘two packed public galleries’ at the meetings to which he refers represent only a modest percentage of the local population, and do nothing to disprove the newspaper’s eventual view that there was not enough grass roots support for the course favoured by the trust and Mr Jeremiah.

He goes on to attack Horsham district councillors for their role in the matter, and then accuses them, rather gratuitously and citing no evidence, of being ‘not capable of much else either’. I hold no brief for local councillors, but Horsham’s consistently being voted one of the best places to live seems to cast some doubt upon Mr Jeremiah’s judgement.

He also criticises the WSCT’s reference to Horsham shopping centre’s vitality as lacking ‘any actual evidence’, but is content to rely on ‘anecdotal evidence’ to advance his own argument.

Perhaps a final irony is that Mr Jeremiah deems it relevant to append his Master of Business Administration degree to a letter which appears to lack any discernable business (or other?) purpose.

In the spirit of seasonal goodwill, may I offer the trust and its supporters a suggestion. Why not call a halt to these pointless attacks, accept the OTH outcome with good grace, and let us all move on - this will enhance your reputation instead of damaging it further.


Britten Close, Horsham