Avoid repetition of planning fiasco

I was somewhat mystified by your account of the recent ‘Eye Project’ debate in Billingshurst (WSCT March 14) because whereas nine parish councillors spoke against the proposed land swap, all giving sound reasons for their opinions, none of what they said was reported.

On the other hand, great weight was placed in your report on the opinions of the unelected, self-appointed group, the Billingshurst Community Partnership, which has been trying to ‘bulldoze’ this project through, despite sound arguments against it.

The piece of scrub land with a gas main beneath it, which was proposed as a recompense for the residue of the former football field in Station Road, along with the old coal yard, would be better suited for development as a car park.

I am sure that many will agree with me that it is important to avoid a repetition of the planning fiasco in Forge Way, where the site that had been reserved for a new infants/junior school was sold off by the Conservative Party dominated county council for housing.


High Street, Billingshurst