Appalling abuse of taxpayers’ money

It was disturbing to read that now that Katy Bourne has been in the job of Sussex Police and Crime Commissioner for only ten weeks her big decision is to employ a deputy.

This is despite having a support team of EIGHT officers allocated to the post.

Others applying for similar posts had offered to pass up the salary of £85,000. In Sussex we are now to pay £130,000 plus overheads and the dreaded expenses.

If Katy Bourne finds she cannot cope with the resources allocated she should immediately resign.

At best she should allocate part of her salary of £85,000 towards this post and reduce her income. After all with a full time deputy she must be doing less.

What I suggest, so that we, the taxpayers, do not pay more for Ms Bourne, she should have her salary reduced to £60,000 and her team of eight support staff should be reduced to seven.

I have not heard any reports of other PCCs in the country asking for the assistance of a deputy.

This is an appalling abuse of tax payers’ money.

This was certainly not envisaged as the resources required by the Government and must be stopped.


Townfield, Kirdford