Appalled over housing plans

I was appalled to read the article in last Thursday’s County Times regarding the proposal for 4,500 new homes north of Horsham.

Why would ploughing up 800 acres of beautiful countryside in favour of housing and a fat profit for an American developer be ‘good news’ for Horsham?

It’s no coincidence that this falls in the same week that Horsham District Council’s ‘strategic planning advisory group’ or ‘spag’ are looking to draft the list of prefered sites for future development.

This list has the north of Horsham site as a top priority, the main benefit of the site would be a new hospital - sounds too good to be true?

Well dig a bit deeper and you’ll find that the ‘new hospital’ is just a sweetener to get the public on side. In reality any hospital would be mainly private and certainly not an NHS A&E.

Horsham District Council’s draft list of preferred sites is due to be published on October 3. This list will form the basis of all future developments in the Horsham district for 20 years to come!

It is of the utmost importance that the people of Horsham take the time to write to their local councillors and MPs and tell them that this size of development will only succeed in ruining what is currently one of the most desirable towns to live in throughout the country.


Wimland Road, Faygate