Appalled at water crisis

I AM APPALLED and saddened at the threat of standpipes. How can this be? We live on an island, the planet we live on is two-thirds covered by water, the water cannot escape from our atmosphere, if it evaporates from one area it falls as rain (or snow) in another area.

The scientists tell us that the polar icecaps are melting due to global warming. The answer to this is that the Government is intent on turning our island into a ‘third world habitat’.

As a mere citizen the answer appears to be simple. DO NOT sell our utilities to foreign powers, they have no interest in anything other than making a profit, and a large one at that.

But since they have already been sold at least make it law that 90 per cent of the profits MUST be ploughed back into the company to make improvements, ie no big million pound bonuses for their executives. In any event surely bonuses should only be paid for good work, not failure.

The Government should ensure that all water leaks are repaired and the companies in question should be fined if they are not. More reservoirs should be built. More desalination plants should be built. If more houses are built, and this applies particularly in the South East, the water companies should be obliged to ensure that the water supply is adequate.

We see pictures of people in third world countries queuing for water at standpipes. Should the people of this country really be giving aid to these countries when it could be us next year?

The Government should really ‘get a grip’ and listen to what the common man wants: to be able to live in our beautiful country without threats of standpipes, blackouts, cuts in health services, cuts in transport, cuts in policing etc.

We do not want any more excuses, we want action from the Government. Spend the public’s money wisely. The coalition had a unique opportunity to do real good - I am afraid they are throwing that opportunity away.

The Government is the one with power, SO STOP arguing amongst yourselves, slavishly following whatever Brussels says (no-one else does), and giving vast sums of money away in foreign aid,

And start looking after your own citizens, it’s not that difficult, just try it!


Station Road, Cowfold