Appalled at bus route cutbacks

I WRITE in response to the County Times story on May 19 headlined ‘School and rural bus routes hit by £2m cutback’.

I live in Cowfold, where our close-knit community has been appalled at the proposal to completely withdraw our ONLY bus service linking us with Haywards Heath.

There are a great number of children in Cowfold who attend Warden Park School in Cuckfield and use Route 86.

If this service is withdrawn there is no other means of getting our children to school. We have contacted the school, which has been incredibly supportive.

Mr Stoneley, deputy head in charge of transport, despite being told of certain changes to services within the Sussex area, had not been informed of the proposed withdrawal of Route 86.

So now he is also faced with the headache of how to get children in from Southwater, Buck Barn, West Grinstead, Partridge Green, Shermanbury, Cowfold, Bolney and Ansty.

There is also the issue that people using this service to get to Haywards Heath College, will no longer be able to do so.

In this age of compulsory continuation of education this restricts the choices of sixth form colleges for our young people.

Route 86 is a well-used bus – especially in the morning rush hour.

When it gets into Warden Park it is PACKED with school children, workers and shoppers.

I’m sure some of those workers are journeying on to Princess Royal Hospital.


Acorn Avenue