Anti-social view of cyclists

I understand Philip Circus’ column is a provocative piece intended to spark debate but could he please employ a modicum of balance in his column.

He quoted figures for deaths of pedestrians due to reckless cyclists whilst failing to mention that the overwhelming majority of pedestrian deaths and serious injuries are due to motor vehicles.

He also asserts that cyclists do not need to use pavements because the cycling infrastructure in Horsham is good; this is not true.

I would not let my children ride on any road in Horsham and my wife, along with my four-year- old daughter on the back of the bike in her child seat, uses pavements simply because she does not feel safe on the road in Horsham.

Mr Circus has used his column in a way which makes the life of the cyclist more difficult and dangerous.

That’s not being provocative, that’s anti-social.


Trafalgar Road, Horsham