Anarchy in form of non-compliance

Once again we have an EU diktat that makes no sense at all. Milkmen have ‘recycled’ bottles for a long, long time and caused no damage to their consumers. Now we cannot recycle our jars and fill them with homemade products – why?

Come on now ladies (and gentlemen) it is time to stand up and declare that we know best, not some overpaid bureaucrat in a back office of Brussels. I recommend anarchy in the form of non-compliance. How many of us can be brought into the courts at one time?

We get on with our traditions and those in authority will have to submit to the sheer volume of ‘criminal’ activity. They will change their minds again soon as they did with straight bananas etc. We don’t have a Government strong enough to bring reason to such situations and never will have with traditional voting.


Carpenters Meadow, Pulborough