Always a great read

EVERY week the best read is the County Times - and in the March 29 edition the most interesting pages were the letters pages.

Starting at the top of page ten was the wonderful anecdote of David Moore’s encounter with tourists, a couple visiting our town from the other side of the Atlantic. Hopefully, in such circumstances, we all could and would be so generous with our time and make visitors feel so warmly welcome.

Now let us jump to Horsham MP Francis Maude’s excellent realistic acknowledgement of the ongoing pressures of starting a business and the daily need for a positive approach.

And reaction to the multi-faceted challenges/opportunities of building a worthwhile business, to become a valuable component in the local or even national economy. Not to say a rewarding career or livelihood.

Next, equally important to our local economy, continuing and increasing the attraction and dynamism of the town centre. Your ‘Comment’ drew attention to the periodic, and perpetual problem of car parking and especially the cost of it!

Your observations are so very true, affecting the shopper who in turn actually decides the ‘vitality of the entire retail economy’. Fortunately there is an answer, a final answer to the repeatedly running sore of car parking costs.

Offer free - yes, free - parking to genuine shoppers while offering retailers the option of joining a simple, proven plan that makes their shopfronts the first destination of choice of those shopping with a purpose.

In reality the attractiveness of the concept is such that the subscribing retailers may have to be limited and offered the opportunity in rotation.

Finally an issue that may be a personal hobby horse, but John Baugh’s letter emphasising the functional and leisure benefits of cycling is vitally important and worth repeating very loudly to every councillor and executive of Horsham District Council - as well as throughout the land (although if the message ever gets through we may not need car parks?).


Fay Road, Horsham