Acute problems with congestion

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I must reply to my friend Terry Pigott’s letter (County Times November 15).

It is the blindness to reality of Waitrose and our local councillors that makes me mad!

Storrington has acute problems with traffic congestion and pollution, yet Waitrose wants to build a supermarket the same size as Worthing’s in the middle of the village! It claims that building it three times the size of the existing one will not increase traffic, and the council believes it!

Terry mentions a fact. There are other more precise facts around.

1.On the HDC website relating to this planning application,there are at the moment 620 hits against it,and around 50 in favour.

2.There have been appeals in the village a year ago and earlier this year,in which well over a 1,000 people signed against the application.

3.If this application was approved, a small number of businesses in the immediate vicinity would be instantly killed by the building disruption, and more would follow when the store opened.

To my mind, this outweighs any potential benefit to other shops.

Do people realise that at the moment, Waitrose only plans to open its store on to the car park on the far side from the village centre, and not on to the High Street, as requested by the council. Funny that!

I am convinced of the following scenario. Waitrose will not get the increase in customers from outside the village that it needs, because people do not like sitting in traffic queues.They will go elsewhere. So in a few years, when Waitrose sees its poor profits, it will sell up, and we will be left with no Waitrose, which will be a tragedy.

An appropriately enlarged Waitrose will be wonderful, please, but the monster envisaged would be a killer.


Hurston Lane, Storrington