Action plan to clean up village

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I have read comments by Deborah Urquhart with regard to cutting pollution and ‘calling on residents to think of things they can do to help improve air quality in Storrington’.

I’m sorry but if this is the only solution that the Environment Agency can come up with after years of monitoring that failed, then Storrington will never escape pollution and we will be reading the same article in another ten years’ time.

Having lived in Storrington for 37 years the village has always been a rat-run. Nothing has changed only more vehicles and more HGVs passing our village.

Why won’t the Highways put a weight restriction on Houghton Bridge and perhaps install traffic lights at both ends of the bridge so that only one lane can cross it at a time, thus slowing the traffic and making it less attractive to cut through Storrington.

The traffic is still going through far too fast (that is when the traffic isn’t queuing at peak times). Dare I say add speed cameras at Manley’s Hill and Amberley Road.

But the real polluters are the HGVs and the thousands of commuters that cut-through Storrington every day. You put your life in their hands attempting to walk or cycle and the buses are few and far between!

So please Deborah Urquhart, Highways and WSCC get a plan in action asap and clean up Storrington.

D. Smithson (Mrs)

Nightingale Lane, Storrington