Absurd defence of hysterical

IN HIS latest absurd attempt to defend the indefensible (WSCT 22 March), Philip Circus writes in support of the hysterical scaremongering by militant church leaders who oppose the legal formalisation of gay marriage.

He is in effect arguing for the Animal Farm version of equality, for differential treatment, special priveleges and special pleading. It’s like saying you can play golf, but you can’t join our Golf Club. You can ride the bus, but only if you sit at the back. It is an argument that was once familiar to Jews and “Blacks”. It wasn’t acceptable then, and it isn’t acceptable today.

Concepts such as ‘marriage’ or ‘family’ weren’t invented by the church nor are they owned by the church.

It is the right and duty of civil society at large to make such arrangements which meet acceptable standards of universal respect and dignity for all its citizens.


Durfold Road