A&E hospital on Novartis site

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With regards to recent reports in the West Sussex County Times re the current owners (West Sussex County Council) wanting to build a large number of houses after failing to implement their initial thoughts of a Science Park at the redundant Ciba Geigy /Novartis site in Parsonage Road, Horsham, I offer the following alternative as a possible idea.

What could be a better solution, would be to add some infrastructure for Horsham and its surrounding areas by opting for a hospital complete with an A&E unit.

This would alleviate many tiresome treks for so many local people to either Redhill, Haywards Heath or Brighton hospitals which has its troubles and can also be expensive.

I personally believe that our lovely town and villages throughout our district and nearby neighbours, are all crying out for such a solution.

This would result in adding a needed asset and furthermore give Horsham a bit more back up and wellbeing for all concerned.

In summing up I humbly request that the county council rethinks their latest idea of yet again allocating a further large amount of housing to Horsham as, quite frankly, enough is enough!

Derek Castle

Gagglewood, Mannings Heath