£50k income is at risk

SINCE 1995, the Horsham Indoors Bowls Club has successfully run its affairs and provided a quality facility for its members and the general public.

This is entirely due to the members who formed a limited company and through commitment, dedication and hard work, manage and administer the club’s business and playing affairs.

No one is paid and all work is done on a voluntary basis. This has enabled us pay in excess of £50,000 on average since 1995 in rent and rates each year.

There are currently over 400 playing members, including a vibrant and growing junior section plus another 150 social members.

We have established a high profile in the county and national scene and in our ranks we have an England international who is a former British Isles Indoor World Champion as well as a number of players who represent Sussex.

All of this is under threat because of the proposals relating to Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre and the new so-called Quadrant scheme.

In respect of the bowls club there are effectively two scenarios, Options 4 and 5, ie remain as we are, or Options 6 and 7 that sees us moving to the new proposed leisure centre; with Option 6 being the preferred Option.

Unfortunately, because the people who drew up the plans did not have the courtesy or the competence to visit our club to see the current facilities, the plans appear woefully short of what would be our minimum requirements.

This is particularly obvious in relation to changing room space, bar and restaurant facilities and a viewing area.

Therefore contrary to the consultant’s statement, the proposed bowls facility is not fit for purpose and by definition the rest of the proposals are flawed.

However, I believe that if the current leisure centre is to be replaced there is a simple, viable and logical solution that will resolve the bowls club situation:

1. Retain the bowls hall as outlined in Options 4 and 5. This saves £3.04m in building costs (based on the consultant’s figures) while allowing more space to be utilised in the new leisure centre.

2. Subject to suitable car parking being made available in the new set-up, the current leisure centre/bowls club parking area could be used to accommodate a small unit within the Quadrant scheme.

3. HDC continues to gain approximately £50,000 trouble-free income each year.

C’mon HDC, scrap Option 6, save £3.04m and make the right decision for the residents of Horsham and district. You know it makes sense.


Kingfisher Way, Horsham