20 mph limit would create hold-ups

With regard to the comments in the Horsham edition of the County Times on speeding on our roads, I really do not think that 20 mph is the answer as this would create hold-ups and annoy drivers.

I am not in favour of yet more speed cameras as these are more of a cash machine for the authorities and of course speed restrictions like road humps are great for damaging one’s vehicle and can even cause damage to adjacent properties.

The vehicle restriction in Old Worthing Road to me is a danger as it is on a bend so one has to pull out on to the other side of the road before one can see what is coming, somewhat of a stupid place for it to be.

Do we need speed restrictions at all, well yes in certain areas we do, our local narrow lanes all have a 60 mph limit yet on the dual carriageway to Dorking they have recently reduced that to 50 mph for what reason I do not know as I consider this too slow for the road.

We have asked our local parish council about a reduction in our speed limit but unfortunately they are powerless to do anything.

A 40 mph limit would be great but I would not suggest anything lower than this and as for the 20 mph in certain areas, well sometimes one is lucky to be doing 20 mph in Horsham town so are we rushing into this using a sledge hammer to crack a walnut.

I do not profess to know what the answer is, perhaps more education on driving but one must not put people off using their cars as it is a mainstream of income for the shops and businesses in the area.


Copsale Road, Copsale, Horsham